when the jonas brothers gonna actually apologize to us lol

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Jonas Brothers: 2005 - 2013.

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Jonas Brothers memories 5/100

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Jonas Brothers in the latest issue of PEOPLE Magazine
Reporter: What happened? You were just about to go on tour and release your first album in nearly four years.
Nick: About a month or two before the tour, I had concerns about the group, which I never really had an opportunity to address. I was feeling kind of trapped, and I needed to share my heart with my brothers.
Joe: It was the toughest thing I'd heard in years. At first I couldn't speak... It was explosive. But when broken down, we all felt the same way.
Kevin: When we got past the shock, we could see we were becoming something we couldn't progress in. Speaking honestly, I was focusing on the business side of things and the life I was setting up. I wasn't contributing to the music the way I should have been.
Joe: It was as if we became characters. It was not authentic to us anymore. We didn't even know the password to our own Twitter. Kevin found the password and deleted it [on Oct. 16]. It was almost therapeutic.
Nick: There was also creative differences. Those issues built up over time.
Kevin: It affected our relationships, not just as a band but as friends and brothers.
Joe: Things that were dysfunctional in the band weren't healthy as a family.
Reporter: Some reports suggested Joe had a drug problem.
Joe: We don't say anything for two or three weeks, and I'm [being called] a drug addict! It's obviously not true. It's hilarious but frustrating as well. It's so dumb.
Reporter: Others blamed the women in your lives, including Kevin's wife, Danielle.
Kevin: It had nothing to do with them.
Nick: This is about bandmates and brothers.
Joe: Not Yoko Onos.
Reporter: So what's next?
Kevin: I'm getting ready to be a father!
Joe: Acting and music are neck and neck right now. We're all genuinely thrilled about the next phase.
Nick: I'm editing our live show for a record with four of the new songs as sort of a final statement that we'll give to our fans through our app.
Kevin: It's a way of saying thank you to our fans.
Nick: We understand their disappointment, but hopefully one of the things the loved about us is that we're a family first. That's the priority.
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I just saw the GMA interview and I’m incredibly disappointed.

At first I was sad and confused, but after watching that interview I’m more angry than anything. Someone on my dash said they felt “empty” and that’s exactly the word to explain it. That interview made me feel that they probably haven’t felt invested in the band and its music for a while now, which would mean they were pretty much living a charade and essentially lying to us. It sounds dramatic but from my perspective, it’s definitely true.

I invested SO much in this band, thinking they cared about me, and understood me. As I’ve gotten older I obviously realized that I shouldn’t idolize ANYONE because everybody is just a person with their own set of flaws. But I never thought that something the Jonas Brothers would say would make me feel so terrible and make me lose so much respect for them.

This goodbye was so cold and didn’t feel heartfelt at all. I know they have their own passions now, but I thought they cared more for the fans than that. I just can’t believe how much they have changed. I don’t think they never cared, I just think that their idea of “growing up” involves not caring anymore.

I’ve matured a lot since I became a fan 6 or so years ago. I will continue to listen to their music, because I can’t possibly love it any less. But to be honest it’ll be hard for me to look back on all of the memories with fondness. Maybe I’m just bitter. I’ll see what they are like in the future, I don’t think they are terrible people I just don’t know how I feel.

I’m sure a lot of us feel the same. It’s just an unfortunate end, that’s all.

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Jonas Brothers discography / inspiration [x]

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Over 20 million records sold worldwide. They earned over 20 gold and platinum record certificates. 13 total albums, 100+ songs and 19 music videos. Grammy nominated for Best New Artist in 2009, winners of 22 International and 30 U.S. music awards. Broke the record for selling out Madison Square Garden - three consecutive shows in under ten minutes. After being dropped from their record label, Jonas Brothers reached #5 on Billboard Hot 200 in it’s first week. All four singles from A Little Bit Longer debuted at #1 on iTunes for at least three consecutive days each. Lines, Vines and Trying Times debuted at #1. They shut down Times Square for the release of A Little Bit Longer, which debuted at #1.Married to Jonas averaged at 1.1 million viewers every Sunday. Their charity, Change for the Children supports diabetes awareness, the special olympics and volunteerism and they donate 10% of their annual earnings to the charity.

From Wyckoff, New Jersey. Nick, Kevin and Joe. The Jonas Brothers.

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These fans are different…

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Jonas Brothers taking over the world.

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My favourite Jonas Brothers songs (in no particular order)

Take a Breath


Hold On

Kung Fu Grip

Don’t Tell Anyone

Time For Me to Fly

6 Minutes


Play My Music


That’s Just the Way We Roll



Feelin’ Alive


A Little Bit Longer

Hello Beautiful

Much Better

Turn Right

First Time

Please Be Mine

I relate to these songs, I understand these songs, I love these songs and always will.

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